Astuces sur les filtres (anglais seulement)
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Espoir Nom de l’équipeAnnée de repêchage Choix total Information Lien
Aam RaskaBlue Jackets29132
Aarne TalvitieRangers2763
Aaron JohnsonCapitals
Aaron RomeSharks
Aatu JamsenCanucks28135
Aatu RatyBlue Jackets2929
Adam BeckmanRed Wings2756
Adam CracknellCanadiens
Adam EngstromGolden Knights30122
Adam GinningSharks2663
Adam HughesmanCapitals13119
Adam IngramLightning30104
Adam JohnsonFlyersLien
Adam MascherinPenguins2422
Adam McQuaidJetsLien
Adam MusilSharks22115
Adam PetterssonSharks1773
Adam RuzickaPenguins
Adam SykoraSabres3069
Adam WernerCanucksLien
Adrian AucoinJets
Ahti OksanenCapitals2335
Aidan HreschukDucks2987
Aidan McDonoughCanucks3090
Aidan ThompsonSabres30113
Aito IguchiCapitals29130
Aki SeitsonenBlue Jackets
Akil ThomasRed Wings2647
Alan LyszczarzykCapitals23115
Albert JohanssonBlue Jackets27115
Albin ErikssonSharks2654
Albin GreweFlyers2766
Alec RegulaCanucks
Aleksandr KisakovCanadiens2954
Aleksanteri KaskimakiSharks30128
Aleksei KolosovMaple Leafs29115
Aleksi HeimosalmiSabres2951
Aleksi HeponiemiPenguins
Aleksi SaarelaSabres22108
Ales HemskyFlyers
Alessandro ChiesaCapitals
Alex BeaucageLightning2771
Alex CottonKings28128
Alex GagneCapitals29100
Alex HutchingsJets1344
Alex JefferiesSabres29139
Alex KangasBlue Jackets
Alex LaferrierePenguins28136
Alex LintuniemiBlues2176
Alex StalockFlyersLien
Alex SteenCoyotesLien
Alex SteevesCanucks2981
Alex TheriauJets1557
Alex TurcotteSabres277
Alex VlasicGolden Knights2768
Alexander AlexeyevMaple Leafs2641
Alexander AvtsinSharks
Alexander BurmistrovMaple Leafs
Alexander CampbellCoyotes27118
Alexander ChmelevskiRangers2676
Alexander GuptillMaple Leafs1637
Alexander HoltzRed Wings286
Alexander KhokhlachevBlues
Alexander KhovanovSabres26113
Alexander NaurovBlue Jackets
Alexander NikishinFlyers2892
Alexander NylanderLightningLien
Alexander PechurskiySharks1638
Alexander PerevalovCanucks3039
Alexander PetersBlackhawks2198
Alexander PetrovicSabresLien
Alexander SuzdalevBlues30111
Alexander TarasovSharks15120
Alexander VolkovDucks
Alexandre GirouxSharks
Alexandre GrenierDucks
Alexei MelnichukCapitals
Alexei MikhnovSharks
Alexei PonikarovskyJets
Alexey MarchenkoJets
Alexey ToropchenkoCapitals2584
Alexi GravelRangers27122
Alfons MalmstromRed Wings2494
Aliaksei ProtasBlue Jackets2876
Allan McShaneBlues26111
Alyn McCauleySharks
Anatoli GolyshevLightning2473
Anders ErikssonSharks
Anders LindbackCoyotes
Andre PeterssonSharks
Andreas EnglundMaple LeafsLien
Andreas EngqvistCapitals
Andreas LiljaJets
Andreas MartinsenCanadiensLien
Andrei AltybarmakyanRed Wings25102
Andrei BuyalskyLightning29118
Andrei KuzmenkoCapitals3046
Andrei MarkovDucks
Andrei MedvedevSharks
Andrej MeszarosBlues
Andrej SustrCoyotes
Andrew BrunetteBlue Jackets
Andrew FritschCoyotes17126
Andrew MacWilliamFlyers
Andrew NielsenSharks2275
Andrew PoturalskiCapitals
Angus BoothCanadiens30124
Anthony GrecoFlyersLien
Anthony PelusoGolden KnightsLien
Anthony RichardPenguins24116
Antoine LaganiereCapitals2098
Antoine MorandRangers2585
Anton KarlssonBlackhawks21118
Anton KrysanovMaple Leafs
Anton LindholmOilersLien
Anton LundellBlues2810
Anton OlssonCapitals2970
Anton ZlobinCapitals20107
Antonio StrangesCanadiens3084
Antti TuomistoSharks2744
Anttoni HonkaCapitals27100
Arber XhekajDucks3092
Arseni GritsyukRangers3063
Arseny GritsyukSabres27130
Artem AnisimovDucks
Artem DudaBlackhawks3053
Artemi KniazevDucks2780
Arthur KaliyevSabres
Artur AkhtyamovCanadiens2885
Artur KayumovSharks2434
Arturs KuldaCoyotes
Artyom GalimovFlyers28139
Artyom GrushnikovDucks2955
Arvid SoderblomCapitals2992
Austin WuthrichJets19110
Axel AnderssonKings2668
Axel HolmstromCoyotes2380
Ayrton MartinoSabres2971
Beau StarrettSharks21113
Ben BishopFlyersLien
Ben BloodCapitals1182
Ben GleasonRangersLien
Ben JonesRangers26135
Ben OndrusSharks
Ben RogerMaple Leafs2965
Benjamin ConzSharks1554
Benjamin GaudreauLightning2980
Benjamin MirageasBlues25111
Benoit-Olivier GroulxRangers2636
Blake BiondiCanucks28109
Blake McLaughlinOilers2680
Blake SiebenalerDucks21100
Blake SpeersCapitals2276
Bobby AllenFlyers
Bobby BrinkBlackhawks2723
Bobby FarnhamCoyotes
Bobby SanguinettiCapitals
Bode WildeBlues2638
Bogdan YakimovCoyotes
Boris KatchoukRed Wings2425
Boris ValabikJets
Brad LambertRed Wings3032
Brad LukowichSharks
Brad MaloneBluesLien
Braden SchneiderCanucks2822
Brady VailJets1951
Branden TroockCoyotes1975
Brandon BurlonCapitals1234
Brandon CoeCoyotes28118
Brandon CrawleyLightning2388
Brandon DubinskyGolden KnightsLien
Brandon DuhaimeCanucks2477
Brandon GignacLightning23111
Brandon HalversonSharks
Brandon McMillanMaple Leafs
Brandt ClarkeGolden Knights298
Branislav RehusSharks
Brayden BurkeCanucks2383
Brayden TraceyBlue Jackets2733
Braydyn ChizenDucks2492
Brendan BrissonRangers2824
Brendan GuhleBluesLien
Brendan LeipsicKings
Brendan O'DonnellMaple Leafs1693
Brendan PerliniCapitalsLien
Brennan MenellRangers
Brennan OthmannJets2913
Brent Gates Jr.Coyotes2298
Brent JohnsonOilers2972
Brent JohnsonMaple Leafs
Brent SeabrookJetsLien
Brett BerardRangers3056
Brett BulmerCoyotes
Brett CarsonBlues
Brett HarrisonBlues2984
Brett HextallSharks12125
Brett LeasonSabres2737
Brett MorrisonBlue Jackets11131
Brett MurrayJets
Brett PonichMaple Leafs1422
Brett SterlingSharks
Brian CooperBlue Jackets1980
Brian FerlinJets
Brian LashoffCoyotesLien
Brinson PasichnukCanucks
Brock FaberPenguins2851
Brock TrotterSharks1261
Brody SutterSharks
Brogan RaffertyPenguins
Bryan CameronSharks
Bryan LittleFlyersLien
Bryce Mcconnell-BarkerSabres30109
Brycen MartinBlue Jackets2191
Bud HollowayCapitals
Bulat ShafigulinOilers2688
Burke GallimoreMaple Leafs13106
Byron BitzSharks
Caeden BankierSharks29134
Cale FleuryBlues25131
Caleb HerbertMaple Leafs16103
Calle ClangKings2883
Calle OdeliusDucks3052
Calle RosenCanucksLien
Callum BoothLightning22114
Cam DineenMaple Leafs2440
Cam MorrisonMaple Leafs2424
Cameron CrottySabres25126
Cameron HillisLightning2659
Cameron LundBlues3051
Cameron WhynotCoyotes29136
Carl DahlstromCanadiensLien
Carl SoderbergFlyers
Carl WasseniusCapitals26122
Carson LambosRangers2919
Carter AshtonSharks
Carter MazurCapitals2986
Carter SavoieLightning28113
Case McCarthyGolden Knights27139
Casey FitzgeraldSharks2470
Casey NelsonCapitalsLien
Casey StaumKings24119
Cayden PrimeauCanucks
Cedrick HenleyMaple Leafs16122
Chad KrysSabres2427
Charles HudonSharksLien
Charles LandryMaple Leafs1659
Charlie LindgrenDucksLien
Chase PriskieSabres2770
Chase SchaberCapitals13123
Chase StillmanRed Wings2946
Chris BigrasRed Wings
Chris HigginsMaple Leafs
Chris SummersMaple Leafs
Chris VandeVeldeFlyers
Christian BackmanMaple Leafs
Christian EhrhoffBlues
Christian KyrouPenguins3054
Christoffer EhnGolden Knights
Christoph BertschyDucks
Christopher DidomenicoBlue Jackets1159
Christopher BreenBlackhawks
Cody AlmondBlues
Cody BassDucks
Cody KunykCapitals
Colby AmbrosioOilers28126
Colby CohenFlyers
Colby RobakMaple Leafs
Cole CandellaSharks2370
Cole CasselsPenguins24114
Cole HuckinsFlyers29113
Cole PerfettiRed Wings288
Cole SchwindtDucks2873
Cole SillingerCanadiens2910
Colin GreeningCoyotes
Colin JacobsSharks1725
Colin LongJets1167
Colin McDonaldCoyotes
Colin SmithCoyotes
Colin WilsonBlue JacketsLien
Colten EllisBlackhawks2781
Colton DachCanadiens2982
Conner BleackleyBlues2117
Conner RouletteSabres2999
Connor BrickleySharksLien
Connor ChathamMaple Leafs2188
Connor CorcoranDucks2875
Connor CrispJets20117
Connor DewarCoyotes26106
Connor HallBlue Jackets2465
Connor IngramCanadiens2482
Connor McClennonBlue Jackets2993
Connor ZaryCanadiens2825
Conor GeekieFlyers3021
Cooper MarodyRangersLien
Corey CrawfordBluesLien
Corey LockeMaple Leafs
Corson CeulmanSabres2920
Cory ConacherJets
Cory SarichFlyers
Cory SchneiderFlyersLien
Cross HanasFlyers2859
Cruz LuciusRangers30119
Curtis DouglasBlues26131
Curtis HallRangers28124
Cutter GauthierFlyers306
D'Artagnan JolyDucks2572
Daemon HuntKings2888
Dale MitchellMaple Leafs
Dalton ProutJetsLien
Dalton SmithMaple Leafs
Damien RiatRed Wings24105
Dan CloutierSharks
Dan SextonCapitals
Dan VladarKings
Danick GauthierMaple Leafs15106
Danick PaquetteMaple Leafs1223
Daniel AltShullerDucks20115
Daniel BrickleyRangersLien
Daniel CatenacciCoyotes
Daniel O'ReganMaple LeafsLien
Daniel RahimiSharks
Daniel TorgerssonPenguins2845
Daniel WalcottLightning
Daniel WinnikMaple Leafs
Daniil ChaykaCanadiens2942
Daniil GushchinGolden Knights2896
Daniil MisyulJets27126
Daniil TarasovGolden Knights25128
Danil YurtaykinBlackhawksLien
Danil ZhilkinLightning3096
Danila KlimovichSabres2932
Danila YurovBlues3031
Danny MasseMaple Leafs14109
Danny RichmondBlues
Dante SalituroCapitals2395
Daren MachesneySharks
Darin OlverCapitals
Darren RaddyshSabres2591
David BernhardtBlue Jackets2358
David BrollSharks
David FarranceSabres2596
David FischerMaple Leafs
David GilbertCapitals1388
David GoyetteCanadiens3044
David HonzikBlackhawks1840
David JiricekJets305
David KvetonBlue Jackets
David LeNeveuJets
David MusilMaple Leafs
David UllstromMaple Leafs
David WarsofskyMaple Leafs
Dawson MercerDucks2820
Declan ChisolmCapitals2882
Denis GodlaCapitals22107
Denis MalginRangersLien
Denis SmirnovGolden Knights26140
Dennis EverbergCoyotes
Dennis Finn OlssonFlyers26132
Dennis HildebyCanucks30110
Dennis RobertsonJets18125
Dennis WidemanJets
Denton MateychukRangers3020
Derek MacKenzieJets
Derek RodwellJets14100
Derrick LapointSharks
Derrick PouliotDucksLien
Deryk EngellandOilersLien
Devante Smith-PellyCanadiensLien
Deven SideroffBlues22103
Devin KaplanLightning3076
Devin SetoguchiCoyotes
Devin TringaleCoyotes1997
Devon LeviPenguins29117
Dick AxelssonBlue Jackets
Dillon FournierFlyers2079
Dillon HamaliukCanadiens2787
Dillon HeatheringtonKingsLien
Dillon SimpsonBlackhawks
Dimitri KostromitinJets1189
Dmitri AlexeyevCanadiens2385
Dmitri BuchelnikovBlue Jackets3035
Dmitri KosmachevSharks
Dmitri KostenkoCapitals29110
Dmitri KugryshevBlue Jackets1221
Dmitri OvchinnikovOilers29128
Dmitri RashevskyOilers29112
Dmitri SamorukovSharks25129
Dmitri VorobievMaple Leafs12111
Dmitri VoronkovRangers28104
Dmitri ZavgarodnyBlackhawks28117
Dmitrij JaskinCapitals
Dmitry KuzminLightning2994
Dmitry SemykinRed Wings26116
Dmitry SokolovDucks24112
Dmytro TimashovCoyotes
Domenick FensoreGolden Knights2799
Dominic MooreJets
Dominic TurgeonBlues
Dominik BokkCapitals2625
Dominik KahunDucks
Dominik MasinCoyotes2139
Dominik UherJets
Donovan SebrangoKings2871
Drayson BowmanMaple Leafs
Drew BagnallSharks
Drew CommessoGolden Knights2841
Drew HellesonSabres2752
Drew OlsonMaple Leafs1297
Duncan SiemensMaple Leafs
Dustin ByfuglienRed WingsLien
Dustin JeffreyCoyotes
Dustin WolfCanadiens27127
Dwight KingCoyotes
Dylan DukeCanucks2974
Dylan FergusonBlues
Dylan GarandCoyotes28138
Dylan GuenterRangers297
Dylan HollowayCanucks2815
Dylan JamesSharks3068
Dylan McIlrathBlackhawksLien
Dylan PetersonGolden Knights28111
Dylan SadowyGolden Knights21107
Dylan SambergBlackhawks2551
Dylan WellsKings23113
Dysin MayoSabres3073
Eamon McAdamSabres20116
Eamon PowellLightning2874
Eddie LackSharks
Edward WittchowJets18115
Eemeli RasanenCoyotes2592
Eemil ViroPenguins2854
Eetu MakiniemiOilers30132
Eetu TuulolaOilers24108
Egor AfanasyevJets2732
Egor KorshkovSabres2319
Egor SokolovRed Wings2852
Elias PetterssonCapitals3086
Elias SalomonssonCanadiens3087
Elliott DesnoyersBlue Jackets29109
Elmer SoderblomCanucks3036
Emil AndraePenguins2872
Emil HeinemanFlyers2853
Emile PoirierCanucks
Eric CornelSharks2153
Eric FehrFlyers
Eric KnodelMaple Leafs1457
Eric WellwoodFlyers
Erik CondraCoyotesLien
Erik PortilloCanadiens27123
Ethan CardwellSabres29111
Ethan CardwellCapitals28127
Ethan Del MastroRangers29107
Ethan WerekCoyotes1418
Ethan keppenCanucks27117
Evan BarrattGolden Knights2593
Evan CormierGolden Knights2491
Evan FitzpatrickMaple Leafs2326
Evan McEnenyGolden Knights
Evan NauseBlues2950
Fabian LysellFlyers2914
Fabian ZetterlundCoyotes2595
Fedor SvechkovFlyers2921
Fedor TyutinBlue Jackets
Felix SandstromBlue Jackets2282
Filip BerglundOilers2461
Filip BystedtFlyers3043
Filip ChlapikKings
Filip HallanderFlyers2648
Filip JohanssonSabres2629
Filip KralSabres2889
Filip LarssonCanucks27137
Filip LindbergOilers30138
Filip MesarDucks3014
Filip NordbergSharks30108
Filip WesterlundBlue Jackets2561
Francesco ArcuriCanucks30130
Francesco PinelliRangers2925
Francis PerronCoyotes2498
Frank NazarSabres309
Frans NielsenJets
Frans TuohimaaCapitals18124
Fraser MintenCoyotes3055
Frederic AllardKings
Frederic BrunetKings30121
Fredrik KarlstromLightning2448
Fredrik Pettersson-WentzelMaple Leafs1678
Frédéric St-DenisSharks
Gabriel BourqueKingsLien
Gabriel DumontMaple Leafs
Gabriel FortierBlue Jackets2658
Gabriel LemieuxMaple Leafs1318
Gaetan HaasOilers
Gage GoncalvesCoyotes2897
Gannon LaroqueRangers3074
Garnet ExelbySharks
Garret SparksLightningLien
Garrett NoonanBlues1873
Garrett PilonBlues
Garrett RoeFlyers1594
Garrett WilsonGolden KnightsLien
Gavin HayesRangers3079
George FegarasCoyotes30135
German RubtsovJets2413
Gianni FairbrotherLightning27111
Gilles SennBlackhawksLien
Giorgio EstephanMaple Leafs2460
Giovanni FioreBlues
Gleb TrikozovSabres3049
Graham KnottCanucks2266
Grant MismashRangers2557
Gregg SutchSharks16104
Gregory HoffmanFlyers29120
Griffen MolinoDucks2599
Griffin ReinhartBlues
Grigori DenisenkoGolden Knights
Guillaume BriseboisRed Wings
Guillaume GouletMaple Leafs1365
Guillaume RichardOilers30117
Gustaf FranzenRed Wings2172
Gustav NyquistSharksLien
Gustav OlofssonJets
Hardy Haman AtkellGolden Knights2496
Harri IlvonenSharks
Helge GransRed Wings2839
Hendrix LapierreMaple Leafs2813
Henrik BorgstromGolden Knights
Henrik LundqvistSharksLien
Henrik ThegelMaple Leafs13101
Henry ThrunGolden Knights27119
Hudson ElynuikDucks2437
Hugo AlnefeltCoyotes27138
Hunter HaightBlues3071
Hunter JonesSharks27104
Hunter MiskaBlues
Hunter ShinkarukRed Wings
Ian McCoshenRed WingsLien
Ian MooreSharks28101
Ian ScottLightning25127
Iaroslav AskarovCapitals2814
Igor ShvyryovFlyers26105
Iiro PakarinenSharks
Ilja KablukovCapitals11126
Ilya FedotovLightning2958
Ilya KonovalovOilers2776
Ilya KovalchukDucksLien
Ilya KrikunovBlue Jackets
Ilya NikolaevBlues27101
Ilya SafonovCapitals2997
Isaac HowardCanadiens3024
Isaac RatcliffeBlackhawks2519
Isaak PhillipsRangers30139
Isaiah GeorgeRangers30100
Isak RosenSharks2934
Ivan ChekhovichRed Wings
Ivan FedotovBlue Jackets3077
Ivan KosorenkovSabres23107
Ivan LodniaLightning25107
Ivan MiroshnichenkoKings3022
Ivan MorozovCanucks2670
Ivan ProsvetovCapitals
Ivan VishnevskiySharks
J.C. BeaudinBlues2283
J.T. BrownCanadiensLien
JC LiponBlues
Jack BarBlues29124
Jack BeckOilers3098
Jack DoughertyCoyotes2159
Jack DruryBlue Jackets2651
Jack DuganSabres2797
Jack FinleyMaple Leafs2868
Jack HughesCapitals3066
Jack KopackaSharks2329
Jack LafontaineCanadiens2462
Jack McBainCoyotes2666
Jack PeartFlyers2943
Jack QuinnPenguins2811
Jack RathboneOilers
Jack St. IvanySabres3089
Jack ThompsonCanucks29121
Jackson HallumCanucks3072
Jackson LacombeCanadiens2764
Jacob Bernard-DockerSabres2631
Jacob CederholmCanadiens2365
Jacob ChristiansenRangers30120
Jacob MoverareLightning2493
Jacob OlofsonGolden Knights2627
Jacob PerreaultSharks2821
Jacob PetersonSabres2979
Jacob RagnarssonKings2684
Jacob TruscottCanucks30103
Jacob de La RoseDucks
Jagger FirkusCanucks3030
Jake BoltmannFlyers28119
Jake DotchinFlyersLien
Jake DowellBlues
Jake HansenBlues1135
Jake LeschyshynMaple Leafs2574
Jake NeighboursRed Wings2837
Jake SandersonRed Wings289
Jake VirtanenMaple Leafs
Jake WiseSharks2683
Jakob Forsbacka-KarlssonCoyotes2258
Jakob PelletierRangers2722
Jakub BrabenecCanucks3094
Jakub CulekJets1630
Jakub DobesBlue Jackets29108
Jakub IzackyFlyers19118
Jakub JerabekDucks
Jakub KovarSharks
Jakub LaukoBlues2678
Jakub NakladalCapitals
Jakub PetruzalekMaple Leafs
Jakub SkarekKings2689
James GreenwayRangers2452
James LivingstonMaple Leafs1253
James MalatestaKings29123
James hardieFlyers28134
Jamie LundmarkBlues
Jamie McGinnCanucksLien
Jamieson ReesBlues2761
Jan JenikCanucks
Jan KolarMaple Leafs
Jan KovarCapitals2682
Jan MysakLightning2833
Jan ObernesserBlue Jackets1789
Jani NymanJets3085
Janis MoserCanadiens2976
Jared CoreauMaple Leafs
Jared McisaacBlackhawks2633
Jaromir PytlikCanadiens2891
Jarrod MaidensSabres1942
Jason ChimeraMaple Leafs
Jason GarrisonBluesLien
Jason PominvilleJetsLien
Jason WilliamsJets
Jasper WeatherbyCanucks26134
Jay BouwmeesterPenguinsLien
Jay DickmanJets19132
Jay McClementCoyotes
Jay O'BrienSharks2623
Jayce HawrylukKings
Jayden GrubbeMaple Leafs2995
Jayden StrubleMaple Leafs2769
Jaynen RisslingCapitals1887
Jean-Francois BerubeDucks
Jean-Luc FoudyKings2877
Jeff GlassMaple Leafs
Jeff WoywitkaSharks
Jens LookeBlue Jackets22102
Jeremie BlainBlues
Jeremie PoirierSharks2861
Jeremy BraccoPenguins2243
Jeremy DuchesneBlue Jackets
Jeremy LangloisKings3081
Jeremy RotevallBlues1968
Jeremy RoySharks2227
Jermaine LoewenFlyers26139
Jerome FlaakeJets12106
Jerper FrodenBlue Jackets29133
Jerry D'AmigoJets
Jerry TurkulainenCapitals26110
Jesper EliassonSabres26109
Jesper FasthDucks16102
Jesper LindgrenRed Wings22117
Jesper WallstedtPenguins2912
Jesse BlackerMaple Leafs
Jesse YlonenJets
Jett WooSharks2643
Jim O'BrienCoyotes
Jimmy HowardJetsLien
Jimmy HuntingtonMaple Leafs2789
Jimmy SchuldtFlyers2758
Jimmy SnuggerudSharks3028
Jiri HudlerSharks
Jiri KulichBlue Jackets3018
Jiri TlustyCoyotes
Joachim BlichfeldCanucks
Joachim RohdinBlue Jackets15129
Joakim KemellRangers3010
Joakim NygardCapitals
Joakim RyanOilers
Joe BasarabaJets1625
Joe CannataJets14122
Joe ColborneBlues
Joe HickettsPenguinsLien
Joe PalmerSharks
Joe SnivelyCapitals30127
Joel BlomqvistGolden Knights2856
Joel BrodaSharks12127
Joel TeasdaleRangers2782
Joel VerminFlyers
Joel hoferRangers2864
Joey DaccordBlues
Joey LeachBlues1643
Joffrey LupulCoyotes
Johan FranzenJets
John BeecherFlyers2735
John DraegerSharks19126
John FarinacciFlyers2774
John GilmourCanucksLien
John HenrionCapitals13132
John LudvigSharks27124
John PerssonSharks
John QuennevilleBluesLien
John WestinSharks1660
John-Jason PeterkaFlyers2832
John-Michael LilesBlue Jackets
Johnathan KovacevicOilers25108
Johnny BoychukFlyersLien
Jonas EnlundSharks1315
Jonas RondbjergJets2580
Jonatan BerggrenRangers2635
Jonathan AngRed Wings2485
Jonathan DahlenCoyotes2340
Jonathan DavidssonCapitals2677
Jonathan EricssonCapitalsLien
Jonathan GrudenCanucks26123
Jonathan JohanssonRed Wings1530
Jonathan LekkerimakiFlyers3015
Jonathan MatsumotoBlue Jackets
Jonathan McLeodSharks2173
Jonathan MillerSharks1729
Jonathan ParkerSharks1847
Jonathan TychonikMaple Leafs2661
Jonathan-Ismael DiabyCanucks2069
Joni IkonenKings2536
Joni JurmoBlue Jackets28116
Joni OrtioCoyotes
Joona LuotoBlackhawksLien
Jordan CaronDucks
Jordan DumaisRangers3057
Jordan HarrisCanucks2686
Jordan NolanGolden KnightsLien
Jordan PearceMaple Leafs
Jordan SchmaltzGolden KnightsLien
Jordan StallardCanadiens23105
Jordan SzwarzBlue Jackets
Jordan WealCoyotesLien
Jordon SouthornCapitals1280
Jori LehteraSharks
Joseph BlandisiJetsLien
Joseph DuszacCapitals27120
Joseph LaBateCapitals
Joseph MorrowDucksLien
Joseph WollSabres2447
Josh BirkholzJets1420
Josh BloomOilers29119
Josh BrookBlues2568
Josh CurrieCanucks
Josh DoanKings2945
Josh GorgesBlues
Josh JoorisCoyotes
Josh UniceBlue Jackets
Joshua Ho-SangCanadiensLien
Joshua JacobsCanadiens2149
Joshua ManiscalcoCanucks28115
Joshua RoyBlue Jackets2967
Judd CaulfieldGolden Knights27105
Julian LutzFlyers3041
Julian MelchioriBlues
Julian SprungerSharks1387
Julian TalbotCapitals1147
Julien DemersJets12128
Julien LevasseurFlyers15116
Julius BergmanBlackhawks2155
Julius HonkaBlackhawksLien
Julius NattinenKings2269
Juraj SimekBlue Jackets
Juraj SlafkovskyGolden Knights301
Jussi RynnasFlyers
Justin AbdelkaderPenguinsLien
Justin AlmeidaGolden Knights2696
Justin BarronFlyers2838
Justin ErtelCanadiens29105
Justin KeaDucks
Justin KirklandCapitals2164
Justin KloosDucksLien
Justin LevacSharks
Justin McraeSharks
Justin PetersBlues
Justin RobidasCanadiens29122
Justin SourdifKings28103
Justin VaiveSharks
Justus AnnunenSabres2673
Juuso ParssinenOilers2988
Kaedan KorczakCoyotes2745
Kaiden GuhleFlyers2818
Kale KessyCapitals1865
Kalle KossilaGolden KnightsLien
Kari LehtonenBlue Jackets
Karl HenrikssonCanadiens27103
Karl JohanssonDucks1717
Karri RamoCapitals
Kaspar DaugavinsJets
Kasper BjorkqvistRed Wings2445
Kasper KotkansaloFlyers2598
Kasper KulonummiLightning30118
Kasper PuutioRangers30140
Kasper SimontaivalCanadiens2865
Keaton MiddletonCanucks
Keean WashkurakOilers2886
Keegan KanzigCapitals2086
Keegan LoweBlues
Keith PetruzzelliBlues25134
Kenneth AgostinoMaple Leafs1681
Kenney MorrisonCapitals22113
Kenny AgostinoFlyers
Kent johnsonFlyers296
Keven VeilleuxMaple Leafs
Kevin BahlRed Wings
Kevin BoyleSharksLien
Kevin KorchinskiBlues3011
Kevin MandoleseBlue Jackets2691
Kevin PoulinSharks
Kirill KirsanovPenguins2983
Kirill MarchenkoFlyers2645
Kirill PetrovBlues1156
Kirill UstimenkoBlue Jackets25121
Kirill gerasimyukCanucks29101
Kirril MaksimovOilers26108
Klim KostinRed Wings2522
Kodie CurranCoyotes2199
Kody ClarkKings2657
Kole LindRed Wings
Konstantin GlazachevSharks
Konstantin PushkarevBlues
Korbinian HolzerBlue Jackets
Kristoffer BerglundMaple Leafs1132
Kristopher FoucaultCapitals
Kyle BaunCapitals2293
Kyle BigosSharks1464
Kyle CumiskeyMaple Leafs
Kyle LawsonSharks
Kyle MedvecSharks
Kyle WhartonMaple Leafs
Kyle WoodBlue Jackets21111
Lance MonychMaple Leafs
Landon BowOilersLien
Landon SlaggertSabres2898
Lane HutsonCanadiens3034
Lane ZablockiCoyotes25115
Lassi ThomsonSharks2724
Laurent DauphinSabresLien
Lauri PajuniemiSabres2991
Lawrence PilutFlyers
Lean BergmannBlackhawks
Leevi MerilainenBlues28110
Leon GawankeCanucks2775
Liam Dower NilssonSabres30129
Liam OhgrenRed Wings3013
Lian BichselFlyers3023
Linus ArnessonJets2097
Linus KarlssonLightning26102
Linus NassenRed Wings2483
Linus OmarkSharks
Linus SoderstromPenguins2471
Logan CooleyGolden Knights304
Logan HutskoCanucks26114
Logan MaillouxCapitals2930
Logan ShawJets
Logan StankovenPenguins2938
Louie BelpedioCanucks21105
Louie CaporussoMaple Leafs
Louis-Marc AubryMaple Leafs1562
Luc SnuggerudRangers2582
Luca CaputiSharks
Luca Del Bel BelluzSabres3029
Lucas EdmondsKings30101
Lucas ElvenesRangers2653
Lucas JohansenSabres2339
Lucas RaymondCanadiens285
Ludvig HedstromCapitals27125
Ludwig BlomstrandSabres1798
Luka BurzanMaple Leafs27109
Lukas CormierRangers2844
Lukas DostalSabres26112
Lukas RadilFlyers
Lukas ReichelFlyers2816
Lukas SedlakBlues
Lukas SutterJets1939
Lukas VejdemoBlackhawks
Luke EvangelistaCanucks2848
Luke GreenCapitals2315
Luke HenmanKings26124
Luke HughesKings293
Luke MartinBlue Jackets2581
Luke PitherJets1583
Luke ProkopBlues28130
Luke TuchGolden Knights2836
Luke WalkerMaple Leafs16100
Mac CarruthCapitals16107
Mackenzie EntwistleLightning
Mackie SamoskevichFlyers2926
Mads SogaardMaple Leafs2749
Magnus NygrenCapitals1866
Magnus PaajarviFlyers
Maksim MayorovBlues
Marat KhusnutdinovBlue Jackets2847
Marc MethotGolden KnightsLien
Marc PouliotMaple Leafs
Marc-Olivier VallerandBlue Jackets11107
Marco KasperCanucks307
Marco RossiJets287
Marcus DavidssonSabres2546
Marcus HogbergBlue Jackets
Marcus KarlbergSharks26103
Marcus SorensenMaple Leafs
Marek BartanusCapitals
Marek HrivikMaple Leafs
Marek TvrdonCapitals
Marek ZidlickyJets
Marian GaborikJets
Mario KempeFlyersLien
Mark AdamsSharks14125
Mark BarberioRed Wings
Mark CundariCoyotes
Mark FayneCoyotes
Mark OlverCapitals
Mark StuartJets
Mark VisentinBlues
Mark kastelicDucks2869
Marko DanoCanadiens
Markus GranlundCoyotes
Markus HannikainenFlyersLien
Markus NiemelainenSharks2450
Markus PhillipsLightning2587
Marshall WarrenBlues27121
Martin ChromiakFlyers28112
Martin FehervaryKings2656
Martin LangCapitals27140
Martin MarincinFlyersLien
Martin RewayMaple Leafs20106
Martins DzierkalsCoyotes2278
Martins KarsumsCapitals
Masi MarjamakiSharks
Mason BeaupitGolden Knights30102
Mason LohreiSharks2881
Mason McTavishRangers295
Mason RaymondBlues
Matej PekarCapitals2690
Matej TomekKings22109
Mathias Emilio PettersenBlue Jackets2843
Mathias FromBlues2381
Mathieu BrodeurMaple Leafs1260
Mathieu CorbeilBlue Jackets1669
Matias MacceliRangers2884
Mats LindgrenLightning30116
Matt DonovanSharksLien
Matt FilipeSabres2367
Matt FraserSharks
Matt HackettMaple Leafs
Matt IacopelliFlyers21110
Matt LashoffBlue Jackets
Matt MahalakJets17125
Matt MarquardtBlue Jackets
Matt PelechBlues
Matt ReadMaple LeafsLien
Matt VillaltaSabres25106
Matt WalkerSharks
Matt ZabaMaple Leafs
Matthew BeniersRangers292
Matthew BoldySabres2712
Matthew BradleyKings2285
Matthew CoronatoCoyotes2916
Matthew DeblouwCoyotes1964
Matthew KniesCanucks2941
Matthew PhillipsFlyers2665
Matthew PoitrasKings3078
Matthew RobertsonDucks2734
Matthew SavoieFlyers308
Matthew SpencerSharks2255
Matthew StienburgLightning27108
Matthew StromePenguins2563
Matthew cairnsCanucks2457
Mattias HavelidKings3067
Mattias LindstromSharks1442
Mattias NorlinderCanucks27107
Mattias OhlundFlyers
Mattias RitolaCapitals
Matvei PetrovPenguins30126
Matyas SapovalivCoyotes3075
Maveric LamoureuxDucks3017
Mavrik BourqueGolden Knights2817
Max FribergFlyers
Max GardinerFlyers1635
Max IafrateFlyers1948
Max VeronneauBlue JacketsLien
Max ZimmerBlue Jackets2378
Maxim CajkovicCanucks2755
Maxim LetunovCanucks2165
Maxim MaminCapitals
Maxim ShalunovFlyers1737
Maxime FortierFlyers2354
Maxime LajoieGolden KnightsLien
Maxwell GildonRangers2590
Melker KarlssonJetsLien
Micahel SpacekRangers25125
Michael BenningLightning28133
Michael BournivalFlyers
Michael BuchingerOilers30115
Michael CarusoBlue Jackets
Michael CichySharks1598
Michael DipietroRangers2559
Michael FunkSharks
Michael GrabnerCoyotesLien
Michael GrahamBlues23101
Michael KirkpatrickMaple Leafs1584
Michael LeeJets1350
Michael McNivenRangers25100
Michael MerschJets
Michael MilneCanucks3047
Michael ParksJets15105
Michael PezzettaDucks2415
Michael vukojevicSabres2777
Michal BarinkaMaple Leafs
Michal BirnerSharks1336
Michal JordanMaple Leafs
Michal KempnyBlue JacketsLien
Michal NeuvirthJetsLien
Michal TeplyCanucks2795
Micheal FerlandMaple LeafsLien
Miikka SalomakiFlyersLien
Mikael JohanssonSharks1431
Mikael SalmivirtaFlyers15122
Mike CondonCapitalsLien
Mike GrierJets
Mike IgguldenMaple Leafs
Mike LundinBlues
Mike RichardsCoyotes
Mike RobinsonKings22105
Mike VecchioneGolden Knights25113
Mike WeaverCoyotes
Mikhail AbramovLightning2791
Mikhail BerdinJets2384
Mikhail GrigorenkoDucks
Mikhail StefanovichBlue Jackets1116
Mikhail VorobyevGolden Knights
Mikkel BoedkerGolden Knights
Mikko KaltevaBlue Jackets
Mikko LehtonenOilers
Miko MatikkaGolden Knights3082
Milan KytnarCapitals
Mirco MuellerBlackhawksLien
Miro AaltonenSharks17117
Mitch CallahanCapitals
Mitch ReinkeLightning27128
Mitchell EliotSharks23110
Mitchell MattsonSabres2356
Mitchell MorozBlues1984
Mitchell Vande SompelJets2290
Morgan BarronCapitals
Morgan EllisMaple Leafs1671
Morgan KlimchukCoyotes
Moritz SeiderRangers276
Morten MadsenSharks
Nail YakupovPenguins
Nate GueninCoyotes
Nate SchnarrSharks25109
Nathan CondonSharks1281
Nathan GaucherDucks3012
Nathan LegareBlackhawks2783
Nathan MoonMaple Leafs1276
Nathan NoelCapitals22120
Nathan PaetschSharks
Nathan SmithMaple Leafs26121
Nelson NogierGolden KnightsLien
Nicholas MoldenhauerCanucks3059
Nicholas PetersenMaple Leafs13128
Nicholas RobertsonRangers
Nick BlankenburgPenguins30134
Nick EbertCapitals20114
Nick HenryDucks2578
Nick LappinCapitalsLien
Nick MattsonCoyotes15131
Nick SeelerCanucksLien
Nick SorensenLightning
Nicklas LasuBlues12101
Nicklaus PerbixPenguins3083
Niclas AndersenCapitals
Nico GrossRed Wings26133
Nicola RiopelSharks1334
Nicolas DawsBlue Jackets2894
Nicolas KerdilesSabres
Nikita AlexandrovKings2788
Nikita ChibrikovCanadiens2922
Nikita GusevOilers
Nikita KucherovCapitalsLien
Nikita OkhotyukCoyotes27116
Nikita PopugaevRed Wings2562
Nikita ScherbakSabres
Nikita SoshnikovGolden Knights
Nikita TryamkinOilers
Niklas HanssonBlue Jackets20111
Niklas KokkoJets30105
Niklas NordgrenCanucks2694
Niklas TreutleBlues
Niko HovinenSharks
Niko HuuhtanenSabres29131
Nikolai ProkhorkinCapitals
Nikolay GoldobinLightning
Nils AnderssonMaple Leafs15128
Nils LundqvistBlackhawks2637
Noah CarrollJets23104
Noah CatesRangers3070
Noah OstlundBlue Jackets3027
Noah RodMaple Leafs2168
Noah WarrenGolden Knights3037
Noel GunlerSharks2831
Nolan AllanJets2953
Nolan StevensRangers25105
Norman HaunerSharks1751
Oleg MisyulJets1715
Oleg SosunovDucks2464
Olen ZellwegerGolden Knights2928
Oliver JohanssonCoyotes29114
Oliver KapanenDucks2939
Olivier ArchambaultFlyers1754
Olivier FortierSharks
Olivier NadeauDucks30112
Olivier RodrigueRangers2672
Oliwer KaskiRangers2767
Olof LindbonRed Wings2655
Ondrej NajmanBlue Jackets23118
Oscar DanskRed Wings
Oscar KlefbomFlyersLien
Oscar LindbergBlues
Oscar MollerBlue Jackets
Oskar BackMaple Leafs26101
Oskar OlaussonDucks2927
Oskar PetterssonPenguins30123
Oskar SteenSabres
Oskari LaaksonenCoyotes25135
Ostap SafinDucks2577
Otso RantakariBlue Jackets1989
Otto KoivulaDucks2474
Otto LeskinenOilers
Otto SomppiMaple Leafs2351
Owen BeckJets3025
Owen PickeringCapitals3026
Owen PowerPenguins291
Ozzy WiesblattMaple Leafs2828
Parker WhoterspoonRed Wings2281
Pascal LabergeRangers2414
Patrice CormierJets
Patrick BajkovSabres2387
Patrick CehlinJets1547
Patrick EavesMaple LeafsLien
Patrick GuaySabres30133
Patrick HarperRangers2545
Patrick MoynihanCanucks27132
Patrick O'SullivanSharks
Patrick SieloffBlue Jackets
Patrik BerglundJetsLien
Patrik HamrlaCoyotes29116
Patrik HersleyCapitals
Patrik PuistolaSabres2759
Patrik ZackrissonSharks
Paul LadueRangersLien
Paul LudwinskiRed Wings3065
Paul PostmaCoyotes
Pavel DorofeyevSabres2750
Pavel FrancouzGolden KnightsLien
Pavel KulikovSharks1577
Pavel MintyukovKings3016
Perttu LindgrenCoyotes
Peter CehlarikPenguins
Peter ReginSharks
Petr KoblasaFlyers1996
Petr KvacaDucks2594
Petr StrakaFlyers
Petteri LindbohmCoyotes
Petteri WirtanenJets
Peyton KrebsKings
Pheonix CopleyCanucksLien
Phil OreskovicBlue Jackets
Phil VaroneCapitalsLien
Philip BrobergCanucks2715
Philip LaneCapitals15118
Philip McRaeMaple Leafs
Philip TomasinoFlyers2720
Philippe DesrosiersCapitals2078
Prab RaiSharks12110
Prokhor PoltapovFlyers2936
Pyotr KochetkovSharks2760
Quinton ByfieldCanadiens
Radim SaldaBlackhawks26125
Radim ZohornaPenguins
Rafael Harvey-PinardCanadiens29102
Raman HrabarenkaCoyotes
Raphael DiazMaple Leafs
Raphael LavoiePenguins2736
Rasmus BodinCapitals20121
Rasmus KupariRed Wings
Ray WhitneySharks
Raymond SawadaMaple Leafs
Redmond SavageOilers29127
Reece ScarlettLightning18108
Reid DukeDucks2566
Reid SchaeferSharks3048
Reilly WalshRed Wings25122
Remi ElieKingsLien
Reto BerraCapitals
Rich CluneBlues
Rick NashBlue Jackets
Ridly GreigRangers2827
Rieger LorenzSharks3088
Riley BarberKings
Riley DamianiMaple Leafs27129
Riley KidneyGolden Knights2968
Riley StottsJets26107
Riley SutterBlues26118
Riley TufteGolden Knights2416
Rob FlickCapitals1685
Rob GhersonMaple Leafs
Rob KwietJets1360
Robbie RussoLightning
Robert BaillargeonBlue Jackets1960
Robert CzarnikJets1240
Robert LangMaple Leafs
Robert MastrosimoneSabres2747
Robert NyholmMaple Leafs
Robert OrrCapitals29125
Robin KovacsKings2267
Robin SaloDucks2573
Roby JarventieOilers2829
Rod PelleyBlues
Rodion AmirovSabres2819
Roland McKeownKings
Roman PolakJets
Roman SchmidtCapitals2990
Roman WillBlues
Ron HainseyMaple LeafsLien
Ronald AttardSabres27110
Ronan SeeleyRangers3062
Roni HirvonenBlues2890
Rory KerinsCanucks3050
Rourke ChartierCanadiensLien
Rudolf BalcersPenguins2692
Ruslan IskhakovCapitals2650
Rutger McgroartyCanucks3019
Ryan BourqueCapitals
Ryan ChesleyRed Wings3033
Ryan CollinsDucks2160
Ryan FitzgeraldRangers24101
Ryan FlynnBlue Jackets
Ryan GreeneBlues3091
Ryan GroppKings2249
Ryan HegartyBlue Jackets1295
Ryan HowseBlue Jackets1471
Ryan JohnsonBlues2741
Ryan JohnsonMaple Leafs
Ryan JonesJets24109
Ryan KeslerFlyersLien
Ryan KuffnerCanucksLien
Ryan MerkleyKings2626
Ryan MurphyDucks
Ryan O'ConnorCapitals1589
Ryan O'MarraSharks
Ryan O'ReillyRWJets26127
Ryan O'RourkeCanucks2849
Ryan ParentMaple Leafs
Ryan PilonRed Wings22101
Ryan PoehlingLightning2527
Ryan SpoonerJets
Ryan SproulCoyotes
Ryan SteevedBlue Jackets
Ryan StoaCoyotes
Ryan SuzukiMaple Leafs2726
Ryan TesinkCapitals18110
Ryan UfkoLightning2998
Ryan WintertonCoyotes2996
Ryder KorczakPenguins29103
Ryker EvansRed Wings2959
Sam AnasCapitals2355
Sam BrittainBlues1665
Sam ColangeloGolden Knights2846
Sam MontembeaultRangersLien
Sam RinzelBlue Jackets3038
Sam StangeCanucks28120
Sami LepistoBlues
Sami SaloSharks
Sami VatanenRangers
Sampo RantaBlues2698
Samu SalminenLightning2978
Samu TuomaalaBlues2944
Samuel BolducBlackhawks2765
Samuel CarrierBlues16131
Samuel FagemoFlyers2754
Samuel GroulxBlue Jackets1263
Samuel HeleniusCapitals2957
Samuel KnazkoFlyers2899
Samuel KurkerBlue Jackets1944
Samuel NoreauBlues1895
Samuel PoulinMaple Leafs2716
Samuel SavoiePenguins30114
Samuel WalkerDucks2798
Santeri HatakkaFlyers29126
Sasha PastujovCanucks2947
Scott DarlingSharksLien
Scott KosmachukJets
Scott MorrowFlyers2940
Scott NicholSharks
Scott OkeSharks1795
Scott PerunovichRangers2649
Scott ReedyCanadiens25116
Scott TimminsCapitals
Scott WalfordSabres25101
Scottie UpshallCanucks
Seamus CaseyRangers3058
Sean AverySharks
Sean BehrensCanadiens2952
Sean DayJets2348
Sean DurziRed Wings2664
Sean FarrellSharks28121
Sean TschigerlFlyers29106
Sebastian CossaCanadiens2923
Sebastian OttossonSharks1599
Sebastian RepoFlyers25118
Sebastian WannstromSharks1616
Semyon Der-ArguchintsevCapitals2662
Sergei LesnukhinBlue Jackets
Sergey MurashovCanadiens30125
Sergey ZborovskiySharks2295
Serron NoelCapitals2642
Servac PetrovskyCanucks3093
Seth BartonKings26104
Seth GriffithLightning
Seth HelgesonCapitals
Seth JarvisFlyers2812
Shai BuiumCapitals2949
Shakir MukhamadullinFlyers2826
Shane BowersBlues2531
Shane PrinceGolden Knights
Shane WrightGolden Knights303
Shawn MatthiasBlues
Simon Danis-PepinBlues
Simon DespresMaple Leafs
Simon EdvinssonFlyers299
Simon ForsmarkOilers30137
Simon HolmstromBlue Jackets2731
Simon LundmarkJets2786
Simon NemecFlyers302
Simon RobertssonBlues2964
Slava VoynonvSharks
Spencer FooCanucks
Spencer KnightDucks
Spencer MachacekFlyers
Spencer MartinBlackhawks
Stanislav DeminSabres26129
Stanislav GalievBlue Jackets
Stanislav SvozilFlyers2966
Stefan SteenBlue Jackets1745
Stelio MattheosDucks2570
Stepan FalkovskyBlue Jackets2398
Stephane ChaputSharks13126
Stephane GouletSharks
Stephen JohnsCanucks
Stephen WeissBlues
Steve EmingerJets
Steve MontadorJets
Steve MosesCapitals2256
Steve OleksyBlue Jackets
Steven AnthonyMaple Leafs1477
Steven PinizzottoFlyers
Steven ZalewskiSharks
Stiven SardarianMaple Leafs29135
Stuart PercyMaple Leafs
Stuart SkinnerBlues
Sven AndrighettoGolden Knights
Sven BaertschiCapitalsLien
T.J. BrennanDucks
T.J. MillerSharks
T.J. TynanMaple Leafs
Tadeas GalanskyBlue Jackets1755
Tanner KaspickSharks2390
Tanner LaczynskiRangers
Tanner RichardCoyotes
Tarmo ReunanenSabres
Taylor BeckCapitals
Taylor DohertySharks1357
Taylor LeierBlues
Taylor RaddyshMaple Leafs2331
Teemu PulkkinenSharks
Theodor NiederbachBlue Jackets2842
Thimo NicklGolden Knights28129
Thomas BordeleauCanucks2835
Thomas HarleyBlue Jackets27255
Thomas NovakCapitals2273
Thomas SchemitschCanucks22106
Tim ErixonDucks
Tim HeedRed Wings
Tim SchallerJetsLien
Timo SeppanenSharks
Timothy GettingerDucks24117
Timothy KunesMaple Leafs
Tobias LindbergMaple Leafs23112
Tobias RiederSharks
Todd BurgessSharks2490
Tom GilbertJets
Tom KostopoulosJets
Tom NilssonSharks1869
Tom PyattFlyers
Tomas FleischmannJets
Tomas HamaraOilers3097
Tomas JurcoSharks
Tomas VokounFlyers
Tommy CrossMaple Leafs1111
Toni LydmanMaple Leafs
Tony CameranesiBlue Jackets1892
Tony DehartJets1674
Topi NiemelaLightning2893
Topi RonniBlackhawks30107
Topias LeinonenGolden Knights3042
Torrey MitchellBlues
Trent HunterSharks
Trevor CarrickCanucksLien
Trevor KuntarDucks28100
Trevor MurphyFlyers
Trevor ParkesCapitals1843
Trey Fix-WolanskyPenguins27114
Tristan BrozFlyers2963
Tristan LuneauJets3045
Tristen RobinsDucks2860
Troy BodieCoyotes
Troy BrouwerMaple LeafsLien
Troy RutkowskiCoyotes1684
Tucker RobertsonRangers3080
Ty EmbersonRed Wings2693
Ty GallagherRangers3061
Ty NelsonCanadiens3064
Ty RattieDucks
Ty RonningLightning2399
Ty SmilanicDucks2880
Ty VoitLightning29138
Ty VoitRangers3099
Tyce ThompsonCanucks
Tye McGinnBlues
Tyler AngleBlue Jackets2969
Tyler BensonCanucks2417
Tyler BiggsCoyotes1813
Tyler BoucherMaple Leafs2915
Tyler BrennanCapitals30106
Tyler EckfordSharks
Tyler GoulbourneFlyers20119
Tyler KlevenCoyotes2850
Tyler MaddenRangers2681
Tyler MoyDucks25133
Tyler ParsonsOilers2436
Tyler RandellDucks
Tyler RuegseggerMaple Leafs12119
Tyler StahlMaple Leafs16115
Tyler SteenbergenRangers2675
Tyler TuckerRangers27102
Tyler TullioOilers28106
Tyler WotherspoonJets
Tyson FoersterFlyers2823
Tyson HindsBlackhawks2985
Tyson KozakSabres3095
Ukko-Pekka LuukkonenCapitals
Vaclav LesakSharks
Valentin ZykovCapitalsLien
Valtteri PuustinenGolden Knights28137
Vasiliy PonomarevKings2863
Vasily PodkolzinFlyers278
Veeti MiettinenCanadiens28125
Veini VehvilainenLightning
Victor EjdsellPenguins26137
Victor SoderstromCanadiens
Victor StjernborgBlues29104
Viktor HertzbergMaple Leafs1540
Viktor NeuchevBlues30131
Viktor StalbergMaple Leafs
Viktor SvedbergBlues
Vili SaarijarviSabres2288
Ville KoivunenDucks2961
Vincent IorioMaple Leafs2975
Vinzenz RohrerRangers3060
Vitaly AbramovDucks2446
Vladimir BobylevSharks24110
Vladimir GrudininLightning30136
Vladimir KarpovSharks
Vladimir KuznetsovSharks2350
Vladimir TkachevLightning2146
Vladimir ZharkovCanucks
Vladislav FirstovSharks2784
Vladislav KamenevJets
Vladislav KolyachonokFlyers2751
Vyacheslav KuleminSharks1563
Wade MaganSharks14130
Wayne PrimeauJets
Will BittenLightning2429
William CuylleCoyotes2878
William DufourRangers3040
William EklundBlues294
William LockwoodRed Wings
William StromgrenLightning2960
William VilleneuveKings28108
William WallinderGolden Knights2834
Willie CoetzeeFlyers1574
Willie MitchellCoyotes
Wojtek WolskiBlue Jackets
Wouter PeetersSabres2467
Wyatt JohnsonRangers2933
Wyatt KaiserPenguins28131
Xavier BernardCoyotes26126
Xavier BourgaultPenguins2917
Xavier SimoneauKings29137
Yan KuznetsovBlues2870
Yann SauveBlue Jackets
Yannick VeilleuxJets1859
Yegor ChinakhovBlues2830
Yegor RykovBlue Jackets27106
Yegor SpiridonovSabres2796
Yegor ZamulaBlackhawks2858
Yevgeni TunikSharks
Yohann AuvituFlyers
Zac LeslieCapitals2190
Zach DeanCanucks2937
Zach GallantRangers25112
Zach NastasiukDucks2075
Zach TrotmanMaple LeafsLien
Zachary BolducBlues2924
Zachary L'HeureuxMaple Leafs2935
Zachary SawchenkoKings2353
Zack FucaleRed Wings2030
Zack MitchellFlyers
Zack OstapchukGolden Knights2948
Zack PhillipsBlues1718
Zack SmithGolden KnightsLien
Zane McIntyreCanadiens
Zayde WisdomBlue Jackets28123
Zemgus GirgensonsCapitalsLien
Zion NybeckCanadiens28105
Ziyat PaiginCoyotes23100
chaz LuciusSabres2911
jordan spenceKings2785